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Problem: Increase feed rate to machine from once every 5 seconds to once every 2.5 seconds without missing a placement when changing pallets.

Solution: Provide a Fanuc 4-Axis articulating arm robot with a rotating end effector, allowing to pick and place at the same time, cutting the cycle time in half with the use of only one robot. Provide two pallet pick positions (one place position), always having a pallet in position for the next pick when the system is picking the last part from the pallet. A simple vision system looks for the edges of the part to signal the system when the last part is being picked, providing for a pallet change-over within rate.

Problem: Provide two bar-coded shipping labels on two separate sides of every pallet with 100% label accuracy.

Solution: As a sub-system of our Automated Palletizing and Wrapping main system, an Automatic Print and Apply Machine is mounted on a linear slide. Our PC based controls system automatically uploads to the customer host, the weight of the pallet, product type and quantity on the pallet and receives from the host the labeling information. our system printer produces two labels and applies one label, turning the pallet to apply the second label. Each label is read for accuracy before releasing the pallet to the correct shipping lane.


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