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Beverage Carton Lift Assist:

This lifting tool clamps and traps a stack of loose cartons. As seen below, the cartons are then pitched up 90 degrees to load into a carton erector magazine.

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Problem: Providing assembly personnel with part lift assistance without slowing the operator or increasing ergonomic problems.

Solution: An overhead bridge and rail mounted Cobotics IAD that combines 21st. century computer technology with zero gravity lift assist. This new technology works at the rate of the operator, sensing the operators movement through the system handle and controls, providing safe and accurate movement within the work cell, without slowing the operator or causing undue changes in the operators intrinsic movements.

Shaftless Roll Lift Assist:

A side view of the roll lifting tool in the production environment showing the narrow face width roll and rolls already loaded on cantilevered unwind spindles.

Vacuum Lift Assist: 

This three cup vacuum lifting tool has 90 degree pitching.

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Automotive Drive Shaft Lift Assist:

This lift assist clamps a drive shaft near the center of gravity for weightless handling. The lift assist incorporates 90 degree manual pitching for handling from a dunnage rack. The operator manually controls the pitching using the extended control handle.

Roll Lift Assists:

Handles 9 rolls at a time for palletizing or depalletizing a big improvement in both ergonomic safety and productivity.

Compressor lift assist:

A clamp and pitch lifting tool for heavy air conditioning compressors in a high volume handling job.

Automotive Assembly Torque Tube:

Special lifting devices with torque reaction ability are often used in threaded fastener assembly to balance the weight of heavy tools, react torque moment and position tools for quick access to speed assembly. We have a wide range of solutions for these applications. 

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